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French Travel Life Country Dreamtime



French Country Travel Life Country Dreamtime is really the best phrase to sum up my attraction to, and apprecation for, life in the French Countryside. True, as a title, it is a little long. But, nonetheless complete. All the essential elements are included. And one leads naturally to the other.

French leads you dreaming. Dreaming finally leads you to France. Once there, you travel. Through the countryside, bien sur. And so it glows. Rapidly the majority of your dream becomes a reality.Especially if your attitude is positive and your mind open.

To share these travel dreams that morphed into reality, some folks write a book. been there. done that. Others will make a film. And then, there are some crazed Francophiles who will do all three. Like, DA BG for instance.

I guess it’s because DA BG be a “free soul.” (and who would want to be the opposite? “Chained soul” doesn’t really inspire -n’est ce pas?)

Alors, whatever the condition of my soul, I have managed to share my French Country Life Travel Dreams in print, image and film. And, as you would expect, I do have my favorites in each category. Truth be told, the video here is not on my absolute personal favs list – but it does (as accurately as the moving image can) give the French Country “Vibe.”

So, like..you know….like……DIG IT!


What are ya thinkin’?

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23 Responses to “French Travel Life Country Dreamtime”

  1. paula amery says:

    i disagree…for me..this is one of your very best!

  2. stan cayer says:

    i like this video..but i see what you’re getting at about it not being your favorite.

  3. brenda brian says:

    while the video is good….your opening photo really says it all!

  4. nathalie porter says:

    i’m with you brenda……really gives the feeling of freedom and adventure!

  5. peter nathanson says:

    i particularly like the way you use music in the opening.

  6. rena christensen says:

    thanks for continuing to share the dream BG!

  7. deni sandis says:

    all i can say is…just keep it coming!

  8. wendy carleton-trent says:

    fabulous again!!!

  9. pad britt says:

    can’t get enough of this! send us MORE!!!

  10. brenda gonzales says:

    pad is said it all! you continue to send us to (french) dreamland with this incredible videos of your travels. way to go!

  11. candance letterman says:

    oh to be the bicycle gourmet!….(sigh)

  12. tamera kilson says:

    candance….oh to share the experiences of DA BG!

  13. freeman dyson says:

    as your other commentors have noted, this video definitely gives the flavor of french country life and, of course, your adventures there.

  14. tina overly says:

    great video – of course! and i really like your description of “free

  15. laura enderby says:

    Tina – Really! – like DA BG says, who would choose the alternative?

  16. carla winterman says:

    i’m thinkin’ it’s time for a FEMALE bicycle gourmet……
    (hiny : you’re inspiring me!)

  17. emilo estaban says:

    very cool vid man…keep it up!

  18. xavier granton says:

    thank heaven for “crazed franchophiles” like you!

  19. sandy tourness says:

    good on ya xavier!…..we’d be so much poorer without DA BG

  20. charles winston says:

    thanks for sharing your dreams…again! and inspiring ours!

  21. malcom pestrine-white says:

    While this video is wonderful…as are all of yours…..I am most impressed by your versatility. You write on subjects as disparate as Current Affairs and French History with equal ease and expertise.
    My (virtual) hat is off to you, sir!

  22. carlton manorsly says:

    simply superb!

  23. jack stanford says:

    it’s your versatility that keeps me coming back. The way you do justice to such diverse topics is nothing short of amazing!

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