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| June 24th, 2009 | Continued

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French Travel = French Food, French Wine, French Chocolate, French History


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French Travel = French Food, French Wine, French Chocolate, French History. And a big – no wait – make that a HUGE part of that History, are the Churches, Cathedrals, and Abbeys that really are “around every corner.”

While the “big names” of French Churchdom are universally known – Notre Dame de Paris, Chartes, etc. the lesser knowns, and they often include French Abbeys in small French Villages, have an equally fascinating story to tell.

One of my favorites of these Historical Treasures of France, is the Basilic de St. Julian in the Haute Loire village of Brouide.

DA BG could prattle on about it’s wonders, but – WHY? when you can immerse yourself in it’s History soaked wonderfulness in these Videos? The first with marvy music throughout. The second, in French. With equally cool ancient sounds.


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Donald Trump – America’s Hitler

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Donald Trump is America’s Hitler. Muslims and Mexicans are his “inferior races.” Making Americans, by his implication the “Master Race.”

I’m sadden ashamed, and embarassed that Donald Trump is America’s Hitler. Because as the resident American here, my European pals look to me to explain/translate/justify the “American Scene.” I tell them what I’m telling you. Donald Trump is America’s Hitler. Plain and simple.

In his rallys, he purposely excites and enflames people who you would hope would be resistant to demogoguery. Exorting them to raise their right arms in a confimatory salute. That’s America’s Hitler, folks.

Donald Trump wants to make America “great” again. Though he has yet to define what his vision of “greatness” is. More to the point – “Great” is an empty adjective. Ready willing and able to be populated with whatever “meaning” suits the moment.

Donald Trump is the ugly truth that H.L Mencken’s observation : “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people” applies equally to politics.

The worst possible “attributes” any Human being could have – I don’t have to list them, do I? – are front and center in America’s Hitler. Donald Trump. And his “talent”, is to bring out the worst in his audiences.

Donald Trump is a runaway train. With no Cargo. There is nothing in the “freight wagon.” Will Train Trump leave the tracks? Or arrive at it’s preferred destination?

That’s a question only the American people can answer. God bless America.


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Bicycle Gourmet’s Digital Photo Holiday Workshop France



Digital Photo Holiday Workshops France

Bicycle Gourmet’s Digital Photo Holiday Workshop France,French Photo Workshop Vacations,Tour de France Photo Holiday Workshop

All slightly different  names for the same experience. Your Incredible, fantastic and awesome French Photo Holiday with The Bicycle Gourmet.

How can I be so sure I can deliver on those wildly positive adjectives? Well – reading what my previous Cycling Photo Travellin’ pals had to say, might ease whatever concerns you may have.

Likewise, checking out THIS PAGE where I lay out all where, when, how often and how much. We all know the “WHY” – N’est ce pas?

Although for most of us, these will be Digital Photo Courses, film shooters are equally welcome. As my photo pals are well aware…..film has, depending on your particular asthetic, qualities not foun,d in the digital realm.

Case in point – My Limited Edition Fine Art Photography site – where everything was shot on film.

I will probably be shooting both this time around. So, if you’re a film-o-phile, you won’t be lonely!

French Landscape Photo Opportunites take the pole position in this:

Bicycle Gourmet French Photo Workshop Video.

If that doesn’t inspire you to get your French Photo Holiday Tour act together – Check for a pulse!


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