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| January 27th, 2017 | Continued

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Christopher Strong – Bicycle Gourmet’s Organic Wine

Christopher Strong – Bicycle Gourmet’s Organic Wine

Christopher Strong Bicycle Gourmet's Organic Wine


Organic Wine, like Cryptocurrency, is on everyone’s lips. However, Wine grown organically, is definitely much more pleasing to have on your lips than a bitcoin. N’est ce pas?

The Popularity of Organic wine, is the result of a general trend to more natural, chemical/pesticide free products.

As evidenced by the label “organic” on virtually everything you put on or in your body.

The producers of organic wine verify that their grapes were grown naturally. Without chemicals,pesticides and/or fungicides. And, equally importantly, without “flavoring” yeasts added in the vinification process.

Does this mean that organic wine tastes better than wine with sulfites?
Depends on your taste buds, doesn’t it?

But with organic wine, you’re assured that, assuming you do like the taste, that nothing in it should have a negative effect on your health.

 christopher strong - bicycle gourmet's organic wine

Another variety of wine cultivation that could be described as “Organic on steroids, is “Biodynamic Wine.”

This is wine that shares all the positive qualities of organic wine, but is grown using a variety of esoteric practices that are not found in Organic wine cultivation.

Such as planting and nourishing the grapes by the phases of the moon,(Something farmers have done for centuries.) and treating the soil with various natural mixtures. Such as a duiluted solution of cow manure.

The concept of Biodynamic agriculture comes from the (late)German intellectual Rudolph Steiner. Best known outside the World of Biodynamics as the founder of Waldorf Schools.

The “big man” on the International “Bio” wine campus, is Loire vigneron Nicolas Joly.

 christopher strong - bicycle gourmet's organic wine


Often referred to as “the Pope of Biodynamics” for the number of vignerons he’s “converted” to the “gospel” of Bio.

His flagship wine –Clos du Coulee de Serrant, produced from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes, retails somewhere north of $100.(USD)

(Hint: If you order this in a restaurant, bring plenty of bitcoins.)

Curiously here in France, “Organic” and “Bio” are synonyms to those outside the World of Bio wine.
At any French Saturday market, if you ask if the veggies were grown organically, the response will be: “Oui, c’est bio.”

Bottom Line: Organic Wine or Bio wine? To paraphrase Billy Joel’s lyric:
“A bottle of red, a bottle of white, it all depends upon your preference.”

Get a chemical free taste in THIS VIDEO


Bicycle Gourmet Christopher Strong’s Big Cheese Fiesta



The Bicycle Gourmet has said, many times, that  its debateable whether France is most famous for it’s wine, or It’s cheeses. But both are absoultely worth discovering.

You can taste cheeses in any of the 7 cities where cheese festivals are held, but the most popular is probably Nice. If you have a taste for the Treasures of France, visit this southern French city for it’s wide variety of cheese and the International Bakers Festival.

The festival features a number of different events. You can play cheese and bread games and there are many good ones to choose from. This event is well attended by both locals and tourists, so you it’s definitely not just another tourist cliche.

The event hosts numerous stalls that sell cheese from the region and the festival has a number of guest judges as well. You can taste and buy cheeses.

But be aware that there will be a limit to how much you can take home. If you want to take something home, the festival has a dedicated cheese bar. It will not be hard to miss!

In comparison to the other cheese festivals, the Nice festival is quite small. There are a number of stalls that offer cheese samples, and you can taste a variety of cheeses from both Spain and France.
In recent years, some of the cheese samples have contained food coloring. So be sure you ask the producer if their offering is “the real thing.”

The main event of the festival is the Bakery Challenge. Bakeries in Nice offer an incredible variety of breads, cakes and mini-desserts. Well worth trying, and always well presented. As you would imagine,this competition is popular with tourists, many of whom come just for this gastronomic event.

And, as you would also suspect, the bakeries offer a multitude of free samples. Perfect for anyone with even a moderately sweet tooth. So- best to arrive as early as possible, to take advantage of those samples before they run out.

This year the festival is in July.Usually one of the hottest summer months. And, be warned – the height of the tourist season. So, if you want to experience the chesse festival and/or bakery competition, you need to accept, you will be “sharing the experience.”

Throw Me A Bone Here People!

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Bicycle Gourmet’s Paris Covid Update

Yes, I know, it does seem strange that I, DA BG – extoller of the French Country backroads, food, wine senic landscapes and other Treasures of France, am giving you this Paris Covid Update, by writing about- A CITY.

But, as you are well aware Dear reader…Paris is not just any city. Like, for instance, Burbank, Blackpool, or Bolton.

But a city steeped in history, culture, adventure, intrigue, betrayal, massacres and all that other stuff that makes Paris, well,..er..PARIS!

Travelling to France after Covid won’t be the same as it once was. The city has undergone massive changes in the past decade, and this transformation has made it a better, more vibrant destination in the eyes of many.

One of the most noticeable transformations came with the opening of the Palais Covil in 2008. It is a convention-centered complex housing restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, conferences and events. The biggest such hotel complex in Europe and the Paris Region.

The transformation into a tourist center was the result of several factors. The first being that Paris is now the top tourist destination in the world

The second factor was the global economic crisis. An inevitable result of Covid 19. It virtually crippled the tourist industry. Which, obviously, is the city’s main main attraction.

Sad, but for the moment, unavoidable to see: hotels, restaurants, clubs, cafes,bars,theaters, conference centers that helped spread the vibe of the city muted.

Particularly affected was the Palais de Paris, which is a large convention space that hosts conferences, meetings, weddings and fashion shows. The same fate also befell the Palais de Choubiras, an up and coming venue for the fashion industry.

In addition to it’s obvious tourist and cultural attractions,Paris has also been the setting for more than a few blockbuster movies and plays. Argueably the three most well known being Les Liaisons Dangereuses La Vie en Rose and Les Vampires .

And so, yes, Paris is down. For the moment. But, like a boxer who has taken a serious beating, will be on her feet again. Sooner than you think. (Hold that thought!)

This Video  has more of my non-Paris ranting.