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| June 24th, 2009 | Continued

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Tour de France Route 2015



Tour de France Route 2015 – Travel photos,Landscape Photos,Nature photos, plus Gourmet French Food – and no crowds of  speeding cyclists!

as you glide through those French Country Backroads with DA BG.

That’s your own personal Tour de France. Laid back. Leisurely.Turtle speed. Not tortoise. Savoring all the treasures France has to offer. Photo opps around every corner!

That’s the good news. The Bad: My photo dance card is almost full. So if you want the up close n’ personal French Country Travel Life experience only DA BG can give ya…..now’s the last chance to GET ON BOARD.

And (from what’s still available) choose your own personal Tour de France Route 2015.

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Tour de France Photos 2015



Tour de France Photos 2015 ! Travel photos. Landscape photos. Nature Photos. Taken by YOU. With DA BG à cote.

Yes, it’s your very own personal Tour de France Photo Holiday, complete with French Wine, French Gourmet Food, French History ,unbelieveble photo ops, and best of all, many memorable meetings with the fine folks o’ France who are, as Mick Jagger croons :(in the song about 6 Puerto Rican girls) “dyin’ ta meetcha!”

You’ll find, as I have found, that the greatest “Treasures of France” are the Country People of France. You’ll notice I didn’t say just French Country people. That’s for the obviously logical reason that the folks living the French Country Dream Lifestyle are natives of every country. (Yes, even the “Excited States.)

The genuine welcome and hospitality you’ll receive from them, and the photo ops you’ll discover, will ABSOLUTELY make YOUR Tour de France Photos 2015 last a lifetime.

Here’s a taste to get you started:

Bicycle Gourmet’s Tour de France Photo Workshop 2015 details are HERE.

Throw Me a Bone Here, People!

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Best French Photo Workshop 2015

BG Workshop. Lav4


Best French Photo Workshop 2015 BG’s Cycling Photo Holiday Tour de France Course Workshop? Is it me? The holiest of French Photo holies, Am I to be anointed the ultimate guide to froggie photo ops? Only time will tell, right?

But since modesty prevents me from blowing my own horn, if you click HERE, you’ll find several of last year’s happy snappers blowing it for me.

Having the “best” label pinned on my(wherever you pin the best label) is not,has never been, and never will be on my “to have before I die list.” My mission is simply to share what I have to share. And with regard to this here patch o’ earth, I do (in all modesty) have a few moves.

First up: I’m still at it. Yes, after 10 plus years of gliding down dappled country backroads, I’m still backroads dapplin'(and snappin’ and filmin’.)

Second: I’ve got the photo cred. – as you can see HERE.

Third: I do have something to show for all those days of scorching heat and sudden August showers. The tip of that visual iceberg is HERE.

And to give you a little taste of what’s in store this year should you decide to become a little birdie under my photographic wing there’s THIS.


If that floats yer boat – the Details/Registration be HERE.


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