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Donald Trump Was Right!


trump making america grate

Donald Trump was right. The system is rigged. And that’s making it hard for me. Because as the un-appointed expert on all things wild weird, wacky and way out in the Excited States of Paranoia, I’m expected to decipher, explain, and educate.

Being a “one froggie- one vote” Nation – it was a stretch for my French posse to get their heads around the concept of the Electoral College.(Example : Wisconson has four votes.)

More challenging still was the news that Electoral College votes are not, technically, votes. But promises to vote. And that Electors, come inauguration day, can change their vote.

But the real brain twister was my revelation that if an Elector decides to do just that, he/she/it can be: replaced by another who’ll vote “the right way”, fined/and/or sent to jail/and/or(as has happened) receive death threats. (That’s Demoncracy in action – n’est ce pas?)

My froggie chorus chanted: “Mon Dieu!”

Bizarre as that bitter pill was, the worst was yet to come. When I explained that the intent of Alexander Hamilton and his slave owner Bros. (DBA/ “The Founding Fathers”) in creating the Electoral College was to prevent a candidate “unfit” for the office from becoming President, their reaction was: “C’est complétement fou!” (It’s completely crazy!)

The impression I got is that the French(along with a few million others)think that a President-Elect who is not only sexist, but, by his own words, a sexual predator, in addition to being a racist, lying, dishonest, manipulative,narcissistic meglomaniac with the intelligence of an omeba, perfectly fits the Founding Fathers definition of “unfit.”

They also seem to feel that someone who, before the election proclaimed that the Electoral College was: “A disaster for Democracy” is, at best, a hypocrite. (Albiet one who was correct – though not in the sense he intended)

Of course I don’t blame the President Elect for my deciphering difficulties. And, if he knew, he wouldn’t have time to help. What with tweeting his attackers, deciding on the Secret Service rent(they’ll be living “in the tower”) and exchanging bon mots with Comrade Putin – how does he even find time to get his hair done?

During the election campaign, Actor Robert de Niro had some explosive comments about “The Donald.” One being : “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

Christmas is coming Bob. Does Santa have your wish list?

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French Loire Chateaus – Part One

French Loire Chateaus. Amboise. Angers. Azay.Blois. Brissac.Chambord. Chinon.Chenonceau.Cheverny.Fontainebleau. Langeais. Villandry.

No shortage of French Chateaus on the Loire. Mainly because it was the playground of French Kings. Who knew a good thing when they saw it.

While all of the Loire River Chateaus have their particular and, dare I say, “individual” contributions to French History and Culture, there is one French Chateau that, for me, stands head and shoulders above the rest.

This one:

bicycle gourmet

It’s not the oldest.The Biggest. Or the most Historic. But what puts it at the top of my French Loire Chateau hit parade, is it’s combination of Classic French Chateau and English Country Garden.

And with the “river ” that runs through it – (actually a small canal) the Chateau l’islette is well named.

It was here, during the “on” period of their “on again – off again” romance that the dynamic duo of 19th century sculpture – Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel parked their marble and chisels.

bicycle gourmet

The expansive greenery of this French Loire Chateau ,bisected by the waterway (which you can rent canoes to paddle on) give the Chateau l’islette a laid back, family vibe. In contrast to it’s uptight cousin, Azay le Rideau, two kms. down the road ,where eating on the grounds is a “no – no” – Chateau Rodin/Camille is “picnic friendly” – to the extent of having a dedicated picnic area alongside the water. Complete with benches and cosy chairs.

Legend has it (and if you can’t trust “legend”, who can you trust?) that Camille created one of her most celebrated works in this tranquil atmosphere – “le petite Chatelaine” –  modelled after the grandaughter of the chateau’s owner.




Naturally, there’s the obligatory gift shop/snack bar/coffee shop perfectly placed between the Chateau and the waterway, where you can munch and sip while gasping at the wonders on either side.

bicycle gourmet

As you may remember from this post, to say the end of the romantic road was a rocky one for Camille, is the height of understatement.

But this French Loire Chateau hideaway, reflects, and draws us into a gentler, happier time. Where time passes slowly. Carrying us contentedly along. (And isn’t that the best way?)


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Bicycle Gourmets Tour de France French Photo Course Workshop


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By whatever name you want to call it – it’s off the table! Filled to the brim. With eager snappers who’ve snapped up all the available spots.

But – not to shed those crocodile tears yet if you were too late/busy/distracted to snag a spot.

Cancellations, while rare, DO happen. So if you’re jonesin’ to join DA BG’s French photo posse, be it in September, or next year, just scribble : “Sign me up for(September/Next year”) –  in the comments, and I’ll get back to ya. Personally even.


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